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The Split is now available online!

One of my favorite projects to have ever worked on.  Written and Directed by fellow Brookings Oregon alum Blake Heiss- A hapless bank robber relies on the rest of his crew to get him through the heist,  unfortunately they are all in his head. 

Its 3 times the Matt-  Please watch and enjoy. 

The Gemini Project- Horror Hound Weekend Film Festival NOMINATIONS!

So exited to be nominated at this year's Horror Hound Film Festival.  Can't wait to come see you guys in May (Quarantine permitting)  

Congratulations to Director 

Francis Galluppi and Cinematographer Mac Fishkin for grabbing nominations as well. 

We are excited that people are responding to this film and hope you all get a chance to see it soon.  

The Gemini Project- Horror Hound Weekend Film Festival

March 20-22, 2020

HorrorHound Weekend/Film Fest (H2F2) is the largest horror convention in the U.S. The recipient of multiple Rondo Awards for best horror convention as well as NUVO Magazine’s 2016 Cultural Vision Trailblazer Award for our support of independent filmmakers.

HorrorHound Weekend includes the HorrorHound Film Festival, which is becoming infamous for being among the first places horror/dark sci-fi fans can see new films. 

We are proud to screen the World Premiere of The Gemini Project at H2F2!

Script 2 Screen Panel 
Friday 3/20/20
World Premiere- Saturday 3/21/20 
Screening Room A  THE HYATT
Sci-Fi Shorts Block 5-6 pm  

The Gemini Project- Trailer &Website

A scientist visits his quarantined patient living in the remote Oregon wilderness to try and cure a mysterious disease.

Directed by Francis Galluppi 

Written by Matt McVay & Francis Galluppi 

Starring Matt McVay

The Gemini Project Trailer
The Gemini Project

The Maytag Virgin


FEB 20-22 AT 7:30PM

FEB 27-29 AT 7:30 PM



560 Grand Boulevard, Suite 200
Miramar Beach, Florida 32550

By Audrey Cefaly

Set in the small fictional town of Lenoraville, Alabama, Maytag Virgin tells the story of recently widowed Elizabeth Nash and her new next door neighbor, Jack Key. Lizzy grieves outwardly over the recent death of her husband, but her inner world is filled with deep regret and secret longing. Maytag Virgin is the perfect feel-good romantic dramatic comedy with heart.  You will laugh, cry and applaud!  

BLACK LIGHTNING- Season 4 Episode 4

The Book of Occupation- Chapter 4

Watch Matt's scene from the episode

(Original airdate 10/28/2019 )


"Jefferson faces new challenges due to the shocking state of Freeland; Lynn finds herself under intense pressure as she desperately tries to find a solution to the continuing crisis in Freeland; Anissa continues her work at the clinic." 

Escape Room - Available Now



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